Masoala and Nosy Mangabe

In the north-east of Madagascar lies the Masoala National Park, the largest protected area on the “island that time forgot”, as Madagascar is known for its unique and bizarre assortment of plants and animals. Masoala, which includes the offshore island reserve of Nosy Mangabe, is no exception and brings together an incredibly diverse range of habitats - rainforest, flooded forest marsh, mangrove and coral reefs that are home to a dazzling display of sea life - a must on any safari or holiday trip.


Masoala is home to the rather gaudy red ruffed lemur amongst another nine species of this incredible group of primates known as prosimians. Other unusual animals include the Madagascar day gecko, the leaf-tailed gecko and a host of chameleons. The red owl, the tomato frog and the spectacular helmet vanga bird all put in an appearance.  Masoala is incredibly beautiful. It is one of the few places left where tropical rainforest meets the sea, and numerous trails across the park make it a hiker’s delight.


Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve, an island that lies in Antongil Bay, roughly 2km off the coast, is one of the best places to see the wild, nocturnal aye-aye – Madagascar’s strangest and most rare lemur. The otherworldly and well camouflaged Uroplatus lizard is also in evidence, whilst the world’s tiniest chameleon, the Brookesia, is also found on this small island rich in humid, dense forest.  Black and white ruffed lemur and the white-fronted brown lemur are more regularly sighted on Nosy Mangabe. Plan your vacation to coincide with the Humpback whales’ annual visit, between July and September (the best time to visit is between August and December in the dry season), and your holiday will be resplendently complete.



Madagascar Masoala

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